How to Setup a POSTFIX SMTP Mail Forwarding Server

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Configure Postfix (OpenSuSE)

Note: Postfix seems to be installed by default on OpenSuSE.

Check if Postfix is installed

  1. YaST -> Software Management -> View -> Mail and News Server.
  2. Check Mail and New Server (Optional).
    Note: You don’t need to have the Mail and News Server pattern checked. Postfix is already installed every time I have checked.

Setup mail server

  1. YaST -> Mail Server.
  2. Sometimes will ask for Standard or Advanced. Select Standard.
  3. Connection type: Permanent – Next
  4. Outgoing mail server: (leave blank) – Next
  5. Check Accept remote SMTP connections
  6. Check Open Port in Firewall
  7. Finish

Configure trusted networks

  1. Open terminal and sudo su.
  2. Vim /etc/postfix/
  3. Find mynetworks value and update:
    Mynetworks =,, (etc.)
  4. Save
  5. rcpostfix reload (or service postfix reload)
  6. rcpostfix restart

Test SMTP forwarding:

  1. telnet [server fqdn] smtp
  2. HELO [server fqdn]
  3. MAIL from:
  4. RCPT to:
  5. DATA
  6. Testing! (enter)
  7. . (just a single period) (enter)
  8. QUIT

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